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All the moisture you need is in this "Moisturizer stick" with sunscreen, perfect for daily use and protect your face before makeup as it is not excessively greasy, but it moisturizes your skin enough to minimize pores and fill expression lines . When you use sunscreen daily, you not only avoid the much hated spots and wrinkles, but also prevent skin cancer.

This magic wand contains soy, shea, coconut, vitamin E, C, A Retinol, rose hip, lavender, Hemp, jojoba, raspberry seeds, zinc. Contains approximately SPF 30. Perfect for all skin types.s.

INSTRUCTIONS: Apply daily to the entire face and neck, avoiding the eyes and mouth 30 minutes before exposure to the sun. After this, you can continue with your preferred makeup routine or leave your face natural.

STORAGE: It is recommended to store in a cool place that does not directly get the sun.

SHELF LIFE: Approximately 4 months.