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Island Girl

Rose Care Kit

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This Kit has everything a rosacea skin needs.


Rose-based cleaner. It has moisturizing properties and retains moisture, which helps the skin stay in good condition. Its hypoallergenic properties make it ideal for the care of sensitive skin. It is indicated to treat acne and balance the PH of your skin. Contains rose, almond, lavender and vegetable glycerin water.

Rose Water Tonic. It has soothing, toning, relaxing and even astringent properties, which makes it ideal also for oily skin with open pores. It balances the PH of the face, it helps a lot to pinkish skin. It also delays the appearance of fine lines and is excellent for fighting blemishes. It is the ideal tonic for natural and healthy beauty.

Rosehip Moisturizer. It has a repairing effect on the skin since it helps the formation of collagen and elastic fibers, very useful to avoid the formation of abnormal scars and, in turn, prevents the loss of water, therefore increasing the hydration capacity of the skin. skin surface, making the skin smooth and luminous. Excellent for skin that suffers from rosacea. Contains Shea, coconut, rose hip, soy, and lavender.



Remove all makeup from the face before beginning.

  • Step 1: Rose Cleaner. Apply it to the face after removing makeup. Moisten your skin with warm water and process to apply it. Give a little massage with the product and remove it with warm water.
  • Step 2: Rose Water Tonic. Apply it on dry skin and do not remove it.
  • Step 3: Rosehip Moisturizer. Apply it directly to the face in a pearl-sized amount and don't remove it.

STORAGE: The Rose Cleanser and the Rosehip Moisturizer are recommended to be stored in a cool place that does not directly get the sun. The rose water tonic is recommended to store in the fridge.

SHELF LIFE: Approximately 3 months.


Contiene agua de Rosas, almendra, lavanda, glycerina vegetal, Shea, coco, rosa mosqueta, soya y lavanda. 


Remover todo maquillaje de el rostro antes de comenzar.

Paso 1:Limpiadora de Rosas. Aplicalo al rostro luego de remover el maquillaje. Humedece tu piel con agua tibia y procese a aplicarlo. Da un pequeño masaje con el producto y lo retiras con agua tibia. 

Paso 2:Tónico de Agua de Rosas. Aplicalo sobre la piel seca y no lo retires. 

Paso 3:Humectante de Rosa Mosqueta. Aplicalo directamente al rostro en cantidad del tamaño de una perla y no lo retires. 


La Limpiadora de Rosas y el humectante de Rosa Mosqueta se recomienda guardar en un lugar fresco que no le de directamente el sol. El tónico de agua de rosas se recomienda guaradar en la nevera.


Aproximadamente 3 meses.

En tu rutina

Paso 1: Desmaquillarte

Paso 2: Exfoliate 🌙

Paso 3: Limpiadora (Estás aquí)

Paso 4: Tónico (Estás aquí)

Paso 5: Suero

Paso 6: Humectante (Estás aquí)

Paso 7: Protector solar ☀️


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